Limestone treatment pool, water heater



After treating your pool with Acquaprocess, your water will become clear, free of limescale, algae or bacteria and less chlorinated for swimmers.

Private pool, pond, jacuzzi

Enjoy a crystal-clear pool water, without seaweed and bacteria.

Everyone dreams of having a crystal clear and quality water. A pool is first of all a relaxation area, that is why Acquaprocess will help you to enjoy it fully and particularly to save time regarding its maintenance. Our process will send low frequency waves into the water but without changing its chemical composition. In this way, you will be able to treat hard water, but also seaweed and bacteria in your pool. It is an ecological process that will enable you to improve your pool’s water filtration, without flocculate products and with much less chlorine.

Your water will be clearer and with a better quality, its pH will be stable and you will reduce your filters’ cleaning frequency. On top of that, your water and heating consumption will go hand in hand with the decrease of chemical products’ use. You will save money ! Acquaprocess is the best solution for you and your guests to enjoy a clear water.

Acquaprocess advantages :

Chlorine reduction | stabilised ph | Simplified maintenance | Bathers’ comfort | Water and heating saving | Return on investment



Acquaprocess protects all your water-powered appliances against scaling, corrosion and saves money.

Water heater, household equipments

You will prevent your equipments’scaling and enjoy a clear water.

Acquaprocess protects all your water-supplied devices against scaling: hot water tank, water heater, pipes, washing machine… Our unique process helps you to get rid of pipes’ limescale, and so improve the throughput and cleanliness of your network.

By preventing scale’s setting up on your elements, Acquaprocess also enables you to make energy saving. You will reduce your detergents and cleaning products’ use up to 30%. It has a preventive and curative action, so it can fit to both brand new or older networks (already scaled). There is no leak risk.

The other advantage of such a process is that you don’t have to be afraid of a polluting product’s rejection into waterways and phreatic tables. There is no danger, neither for your health nor for the devices close by. The composition of your water will remain the same, with all its minerals and oligo-elements. Water that is treated thanks to Acquaprocess is also great for the body skin, while untreated hard water will make your skin dry out and can make dermatologic problems worst (sensible skins, allergies, eczema…)

Acquaprocess advantages :

Ecological | Preventive and curative action | Energy saving | No overconsumption of water | Preserves water drinkability | 100% warranty